Earth Angels

Earth Angels - CD £8-50 inc delivery & free gift card. For an instant Digital Download in mp3 format compatible with most audio devices just click Here. To download from itunes click here.

Released Worldwide on 27th January 2014, the concept behind this album was to take the listener through an uplifting journey through the earthly realms, to invoke inner peace and raise angel energy. The 6 realms I have chosen are; Nature, Native American, Desert, Sacred, Seas and Celtic. I wanted this album to stand out as not another Oohs and Ahhs album but music to captivate the listener, push the boundaries of New Age music and make as diverse and stunning as possible. The album took just over a year to research, write and record. To learn what instruments I played, how the album was put together & recorded, plus up to date news, why not join my Facebook Page here. Total running time : 60mins.

To hear some short demos click on the LISTEN links below:

1. Nature Angels - LISTEN
2. Native American Angels - LISTEN
3. Desert Angels - LISTEN
4. Sacred Angels - LISTEN
5. Angels of the Deep- LISTEN
6. Celtic Angels (Angel of my Heart) - LISTEN

Earth Angels has received it's first review by Steve Sheppard from One WORLD Music. Click here to read and here to visit the OWM site. Here are some excerpts from the review:

...with delightful angelic harmonies, that will not only raise your spirits, they will lift you from the mundane into the realms of the magical world of beautiful music that has been created by an artist who really cares.

...Niall doesn't only do justice to the greats of the New Age/World music genre, but adds a new level, creates a new bar to be jumped, this is one more awesome composition that dear constant listener you will immerse yourself totally into with ease.

...Earth Angels by Niall is not one of the best albums I have heard this year, it is one of the best albums I have heard this century...

...I feel so deeply moved by this music and the feeling of hope, power and grace that it gives.